I am highly influenced by architecture and structure, particularly Baroque and Regency architecture. My home town in the Cotswolds is rich in beautiful and historic architecture; thatched roofs and Elizabethan half-timbered buildings are not uncommon. Then with London being full of elaborately decorated buildings, I get to experience the contrasts in architectural design on a regular basis.


Drawing is a key stage of the design process. Seeing an image that catches my interest evokes a need to simplify the features of it; tracing over specific details of an image of a ceiling filled with ornaments as a means of decoration. By taking off the grandiose features and reducing them to simple lines it is possible see the beauty of the line-work underneath.


Using just my hands to shape each component of my jewellery, I take the hand-drawn quality from my sketches and translate them into my finished pieces. This allows my drawings to be transformed into a wearable object without losing the raw appearance of the original designs.


Each piece focuses on leaving the materials bare, allowing their natural charm to come through in the design. The pieces and their inspiration allow me to balance my love of the highly decorative but also the minimalist.